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Singapore trails: the users

Lamenting the scarcity of trails in Singapore, and ranting about the default upgrading policy in place, lets us users too easily of the hook. I’ve written about the seemingly unused trail opportunities in Singapore before, and am repeating myself here, but the reccees for route I’m currently working on – the South and Southeastern coastal route – take me on so many kilometers of grass and sand without ever encountering another runner that it is a message that apparently needs repeating and repeating and repeating…. Continue reading


Singapore trails: the policy

The advantage of being an outsider/newbie is that one is not (yet) habituated to the local normal. I notice stuff locals have become so used to that they don’t realize anymore that the wider world doesn’t necessarily considers it ‘normal’. As Johan Cruijff, our Dutch Yogi Berra, used to say, every disadvantage is also an advantage, and my advantage is thus rooted in a huge disadvantage. I haven’t got much clue about the reasons behind what stands out for me.  Continue reading

what makes for a good urban running route

In short: anything sorta runnable that shows you the amazing diversity of Singapore’s cityscape, that is enjoyable, that allows you to connect with your environment, that is allows you to keep moving, that has one or more options for lengthening, that passes one or more interesting sights that make for possible stops for more in-depth exploration, that includes any nearby green area, that has options for toilet and cheap food & drink stops, that avoids trafficked roads wherever possible, that includes hills, stairs, trails and other off-road possibilities wherever possible. Continue reading

the perfect Singapore map for exploration (first thoughts)

Singapore has some superb online map resources. Mining them for whatever they are worth greatly helps exploring the city, its urban treasures as well as its off-road trails, but still leave out much that a pedestrian would want. The perfect doesn’t exist, I know, and striving for it often hides the good enough from view. Let me describe my thoughts and wishes about ‘perfect’. Who knows, it may trigger someone out there to translate them into something good enough. Continue reading