Monthly Archives: March 2019

exploring the big green blob at the heart of the little red dot

This route tries to make the most of the central catchment/Bukit Timah nature reserves and their buffers.  It doesn’t try to cover everything, ignoring the rail corridor on the West (which in future deserves a route description of its own), and various ‘stand alone’ parks in the East (see my thoughts on the need for unimpeded connectivity here). This green blob is Singapore’s trailrunning epicentre. It dwarfs the other two designated nature reserves in size. My aim was to design a route without too much retracing your steps over the same section, and to include some segments that are either less-known or at least less used by runners. Not all is trails, but that a 70k green circuit like this in Singapore is possible at all is amazing.   Continue reading


a very particular way of running a city

The media landscape catering to (trail, mountain and ultra)running afficionados has changed quite dramatically since I entered it in the late 90s. The number, diversity and availability of running docs, currently a veritable tsunami of new additions accessible through youtube or vimeo, is one of the more noticeable. Continue reading