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spectacular talent deserves support

Mira Rai is starting to make her mark internationally. A couple of months ago she showed up at the start of her first ever 50k and did remarkably well for a girl that hadn’t run much beyond 5 and 10k races. Richard Bull, a driving force behind the development of trailrunning in Nepal, started a crowd funding initiative to support her development as a budding athlete and that of other talented female runners. He invited her to join the second edition of his Mustang Trail race (female winner), and managed to get her to follow the footsteps of Upendra Sunwar and Phu Dorjee Sherpa whom his crowd funding efforts has brought to Europe recently. Two straight wins later, after some recovery time in Nepal, she was supported to travel to Hongkong to compete  in the MSIG HK50 and was victorious again.

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