Monthly Archives: May 2019

there are more trails than you think: MacRitchie reservoir

My normal route design tries to include most of the best that areas offer. Obviously, that leaves out some of the possibilities. MacRitchie is ‘covered’ by the big green bob at the heart of the little red dot. This time round the objective was to figure out how much trail possibility the reservoir area actually offers. Continue reading


pedestrianism – its race walking history

My pedestrianism page refers to the race walking hype called pedestrianism and links to an extensive wikipedia page  on the phenomenon. So the info here is not so much new as that it gives you a a nice visual introduction to its American history by way of a short video in which Matthew Algeo, the author of the 2014 Pedestrianism. When Watching People Walk Was America’s Favorite Spectator Sport, introduces this largely forgotten mass sports craze Continue reading

Jurong Lake gardens has opened – Chinese and Japanese gardens are closing soon

Jurong looms large in the Singapore story, and rightly so. In many ways this is where the from rags to riches turn around happened. Having said that, the industrial heartland  also has an ulu image and although it figures prominently in URA’s new  draft master plan for the future, in the here and now it is a bit off the radar of all who don’t live here. Continue reading