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trail running trends 2016

Disclaimer: my version of trendwatching is largely an effort to detect patterns in the echo chamber of my interests. I’ve written a couple of posts on trends in trailrunning, as well as various pretentious reflections on running in general. The atrocious performance record of the trendwatching species is well known and doesn’t need further elaboration, but with the hedge that trends perceived are as much created by the searching eye as being ‘pre-existing’ realities, I feel I’ve sufficiently covered my ass to continue making a fool of myself while pretending to be intellectually honest. Continue reading


trail running trends 2014b


Now everyone has had (mostly) his say about 2014, its time for my geriatric armchair contribution. Being late is not only my style but also allows me to freely piggyback on what has already been produced by those making a living from this. Continue reading

trail running trends 2013

My recent review of trailrunning in Nepal mentioned some general trends in (ultra) trailrunning. Being an armchair enthusiast, not a competitive runner, nor otherwise actively involved in the scene, this kinda analysis has to be seen for what it is. I follow a couple of sites, and click-through to blogs, reports and video’s that are mentioned, and my impression of what’s happening that emerges from that smorgasbord is what I share. Obviously says as much about me as about what’s happening. Mind you, that is true for most of what is out there. So don’t blame me.

Continue reading