Other than general observations about exploring Singapore the pedestrian way, a major aim of this site is to be a helpful resource for all who want to find out by themselves what this city-state has to offer and/or could offer.

The way to access the routes posted on this site is through the category of routes (see right-hand column).

For a mapped overview, see here.

The number routes is limited now but is going to grow over time.

For some thoughts on what makes for a good running route, see here.

For some thoughts on what makes for a good urban exploration mindset, see here.

For some thoughts on what weekday or time of day are best to explore, see here.

My routes are long, not to turn you into an ultrarunner but to offer something that you can start/end at places of your liking, choosing segments that appeal to you most (and yes, if you look for a really long and maximally diverse outing, please be my guest).

The site is going to be useful a lot faster if others start contributing. I am new to the city and it is going to take time, serious time, to figure much of what is out there.

Some parts of the city are easier for me to explore than others, for purely logistic reasons; it takes way more time for me to get to some areas than to others, and it takes going back several to many times before I can confidently tell you that a route is really making much if not most of what is there to experience. So what I put up here is not based on a an even-handed exploration of Singapore. Over time this site will improve its coverage but only over time.

And even then, locals will often be able to point out particular sights, diversions, back lanes, connections, trails that I have missed.

So: tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Please contact me to share. Anything that makes it to the site will be credited to the source.

Also: Singapore is under constant (re)development, which impacts exploration and routing possibilities. One obvious example is the rail/green corridor, which when fully completed, is going to add a great way to get from the South to the North and is is going to have plenty of options to be hooked up with other routes. But there are probably many others, maybe of a lesser scale but nevertheless impressive, like the redevelopment of Jurong Lake gardens, which is going to add substantial distance and variety of those wanting to make the most of running all Jurong Lake greens, or the Riffle Range Nature park. There are the (by definition temporary, but nevertheless often longer term) closures of parts of existing routes (stretches of the PCN, of paths lining waterways, etc. etc.) for upgrading. And, sadly the permanent disappearance of off-road options due to urban development (roads, housing, etc.).

I make routes also available on a master map, enabling you to create your own by connecting (bits of ) different routes into your own exploration.

That master map is a start but doesn’t show you lots of what you would ideally want of a master map: indicate what the route has to offer in terms of views and sights, what parts of it are road, cycle-path, dirt road, trail,  board walk, traffic free, uninterrupted or requiring traffic light stops, the altitude meters it involves, and the access to toilets, water and food. My initial thoughts about what such a map could/should ideally look like are laid out here.

So all the good stuff is still in the future. I know, that’s disappointing. But everything has to start somewhere, isn’t it? What can I say….