To make it a bit easier for pedestrian enthusiasts to find their way to my routes and somewhat eccentric approach to running cityscapes I also started blogging on JustRunLah! as ‘urban explorer‘.

Posts on JustRunLah! often refer to stuff I’ve written about before on Pedestrian Singapore but do stand on their own feet.

This page is a blogroll of my urban explorer output:

Getting the Most out of the MacRitchie Trail Network

Singapore’s trail runners don’t seem to figure much, if at all, on the radar of the city-state’s planners. Our fast growing community has to make do with a limited and diminishing set of options. I am vaguely hopeful that the need for more, and more continuous unpaved options may be picked up by that radar, but in the short term, the only substantial change can come from us runners looking at our environment in a new way. As I’ve argued in an earlier post, great trail possibilities might stare us in the face, right next to the unforgiving concrete our complaining feet are pounding….

If Running is Freedom, why stick to the Tried and Trusted?

Every day, the running blogosphere, of which I admittedly am an insignificant but nevertheless guilty part, adds motivational, reflective, entertaining, educational, journalistic, etc. etc., pieces to its already unfathomably large and seemingly diverse universe. I say ‘seemingly’ because ultimately the number of genres it contains and the thematic conventions ruling each genre are surprisingly limited…

What Counts as a Trail in Singapore

As a new arrival in Singapore it didn’t take me long to realize that Singapore’s large and thriving running community has jumped on the trail running bandwagon full-on. I’ve been running trails and streets for a couple of decades now, in various countries. And on top of real running, I’ve been an avid consumer of running-related media output, armchair running as I call it. That gives me some perspective on what has and what has not changed, over time, worldwide, in Asia, and in Singapore…..