guided runs

There is no better way to explore Singapore than on foot to get a feel for what its unique approach to city, environmental and social planning has resulted in. Its wonderful array of public housing on a one-of-its-kind scale, heritage of many styles (from imperial British and multi-culti Chinese shophouse, to brutalist oddities and award-winning modern architecture), its network of waterways, reservoirs, and green areas (parks but also secondary growth jungle with single track trails), its sea front beach and harbour areas, and the diversity of humanity that inhabits this cityscape, and determines its very diverse offer of smells, tastes, sounds, and colours.

On foot because only then you’re really in it, not only looking at it. Feet are slow and that is what allows you to take it all in and gives you a sense of presence. As everything in life slowness comes with consequences. A major one is that your reach is limited when walking. No problem if you want to thoroughly explore a specific bit of Singapore. Chinatown, Marina bay, whatever. But what if you want a dive into that fascinating diversity described above, without giving up on that feeling of presence and physical immersion that comes with walking?  Run-walk is what I suggest will offer you just that. Some will call it jogging. If that sounds uncool to you, I’m all for pedestrianism to get at this kind of movement. Forget about running’s conventional focus on exercise, health, or training. Think about it as a great and fun and sensually immersive way to explore the environment.

Most of Singapore is eminently runnable, but bits are best walked (busy market streets, some narrow and crowded sidewalks, temples).  My kinda urban run comes with occasional forced stops at road crossings, stops to have a look at or in or on top of a particularly interesting building, or other things that requires slowing down to really take it in, and what would exploring Singapore be without a food centre visit and/or ice cream sandwich or sugarcane juice breaks?

If you are interested in a guided outing I’m happy to show you around. No fixed fee. Pay me what you feel like at the end of it. With one to three fellow runners along, every route is possible. To make full use of the concept that I offer, think at least half a day.

Have a look at running routes to see what is possible and make your pick.

If you are a runner (or your partner or your visitors are) one or more guided runs are for you/them if:

  • You want to discover some of the countless interesting possible routes through Singapore. People I have run with often take non-running partners or friends for walks along my route because they’ve become as fascinated by it as I am.
  • You’re convinced that you lack the training for longer runs (never run more than 10k? you may surprise yourself with going beyond half marathon distance without suffering).
  • You look for routes that cater to your specific interests (which can include training).

Interested? Please get in touch by way of the contact form.