master map of routes

My general aim with the routes I post is to show their sections connected in ways that allow you to design your own route. The individual descriptions provide you with sufficient info about what each section has to offer in terms of sights, diversity, facilities, etc. That info in combination with your preference for route length, and start/end points that suit you, are the building blocks I offer for that personal route design. But none of my routes on their own can show you all the options. A very obvious indicator of that is that some routes literally connect at a particular place like an MRT station (e.g. the various routes meeting at Raffles Place mrt). But even beyond that, routes often have sections that are in close proximity and could be connected in other ways than I suggest and different routes could easily be connected at places where they run close to each other. The aim of the below master map of routes is to help you be creative with exploring all these possibilities for your own route design.



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