Monthly Archives: February 2019

pedestrianism and boundary crossings

For a while I thought my obsession with categorizing, fuzzy edges, and crossovers with different movement pursuits had weirdness written all over it. Maybe it has, but at least I am not alone. Recently I came across a parkours & freerunning book that includes this visual of  these sports’ development and connections with related pursuits: Continue reading


roads and trails

Trails are strongly asssociated with natural environments. Sure. Makes sense. In the same way that associating runs that include lots of ups and downs, pos/neg altitude meters, with mountains make sense. Problem though with these natural affinities is that they tend to blind us to the ups and downs and the trails elsewhere. I’ve ranted about the urban possibilities to make altitude meters already (here and here) so let’s focus this post on the urban trail possibilities. Continue reading

exploring the Southwestern coast

he Southern ridges are one of Singapore’s top-most walking and running destinations, rightly praised for their great views. Descriptions normally limit themselves to the straight-forward ridge route from Mt Faber to Kent ridge park. Sometimes the add-on of Labrador park and the Keppel Bay seashore is mentioned. But the Southwestern coastal area has more to offer, with additional extension and connection possibilities, all adding considerably to the other highlight of this popular running destination: its diversity. Continue reading