trail running Nepal

Content-wise, the site, in its early days, was a co-production of my friend Richard and myself (design and all the technical stuff: all Richard). Much of what I I contributed  didn’t age very well but some of it still seems relevant and the point of this compilation post is to make those easily accessible.

And be ready for some mouth-watering visuals of Nepal’s stunning trails!

Back in 2010, we co-wrote a destination guide, trail running in Nepal, for  what is now one of the trail running world’s most important hubs, Amazing, how much has changed in eight years time.

Same year I speculated on Why running trails in Southasia are not yet a popular form of adventure tourism? in the regionally focussed Himal Southasian magazine. Would certainly have to write a different article now, although some of what I came up with remains valid.

In 2011 we promoted fastpacking Nepal’s trekking trails first time round.

And that same year I kicked off my pedestrian overthinking with a first try at navigating the conceptual space of all those variations of ‘running’. It holds documentary value for me, and shows that I haven’t progressed much since in trying to create clarity in my fuzzy mess of thoughts.

I reviewed 2013 for trail running Nepal and could point to quite some positives. The review also included some general observations about ultra-trail running world-wide.

In 2014 I wrote a post about (the need to support) upcoming local talent Mira Rai. It only appeared on my now defunct personal blog, but was was shared in various ways among the growing circle of those interested in Nepalse runners, and running in Nepal. To make it accessible (again) I have reposted it on this blog.

My involvement with trail running in Nepal ended years ago, and I can claim no role in the amazing changes that Richard and friends have brought about and nurtured: the array of spectacular events, effective support to amazing local runners (who have made full use of the opportunities they got), the visibility of Nepal as a running destination, and the recognition its talent receives now receives from local media and authorities.  But they certainly make me very happy!

Enjoy the visuals:


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